Society in Valsad

Society in Valsad

Valsad, located in the southern part of Gujarat, has many nongovernmental societies working for the welfare of the people living below the poverty line. While majority of them work for the tribal population living near the city others like Save Mother India’s Little Eyes work for the betterment of rag pickers living within the city limits. Then again, some like Shreeji Ruler And Tribal Research Development Foundation run old age homes for tribal women along with carrying on their usual development work. The article tries to provide a glimpse into the working of different NGOs in Valsad.

Astitva Mahila Utkarsh Sanstha in Valsad

Astitva Mahila Utkarsh Sanstha has been working for the development of the women and children belonging to the economically backward section of the society for more than twenty eight years. The NGO was registered on 17th September, 1986; the registration number being F/239/Valsad. The Chief Functionary of the society is Archana Desai.

 The main aim of Astitva Mahila Utkarsh Sanstha is to provide all kinds of assistance to poor and downtrodden women residing within Valsad district so that they can become self reliant and progress in life.  As a step towards this aim, the NGO not only provides vocational training to these women, but they also provide educational facilities to the deserving.  In addition, the NGO also work tirelessly to generate awareness among the rag pickers of the city. Moreover, they have contributed significantly in relief work during natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes.

Contact details

Astitva Mahila Utkarsh Sanstha
Tarang Apartment, 1st Floor,
Opposite LIC office,
Halar Cross Road,
City: Valsad,
Pin Code: 396001.
Phone No: 02632-243843
Mobile No: 9979932222
Email Id: [email protected]

Daxin Gujarat Gramin Vikas Association Nevera in Valsad

Daxin Gujarat Gramin Vikas Association Nevera is another well known NGO in Valsad.  It was registered on 6th December, 2001; their registration number being F/585/Valsad. The main functionary of the society is Pushpaen Balubhai Patel.

Daxin Gujarat Gramin Vikas Association Nevera deals with both men and women belonging to Schedule Caste and Tribes. People living below the poverty line can also take advantage of their programs. The NGO provides vocational training in different sectors like agriculture, masala making, embroidery, manufacture of artificial jewelry, beautician’s course etc. Their main aim is to generate employment among these people and enable them to become economically self sufficient.  Moreover, they take part in different exhibitions by different organizations and help in marketing those products.

Contact Details
Daxin Gujarat Gramin Vikas Association Nevera
C/O Pushpaben D Patel,
Vairagi Falia, Nevera
Pin code 396001
Phone No: 02632-267472
Mobile No: 09427183945
Email Id: [email protected]

Education Training and Technology Seva Trust in Valsad

NGOs in Valsad

Education Training and Technology Seva Trust was registered on 5th December, 2006 with the aim of helping educated tribal youth. Their registration number is Gujarat-842-Valsad. Rajesh J Seth is the Chief Functionary of this NGO.

Education Training and Technology Seva Trust deals mainly with educated unemployed youths belonging to Schedule Tribes.   They impart career oriented computer training to such youth so that they can be suitably employed. They have tie up with various organizations such as NSFDC, GTDC, DIC, Project Administrator, Tribal Development, DRDA, CCD and their beneficiaries are trained in various projects undertaken by these organizations.

Contact Details
Education Training and Technology Seva Trust
Samruddhi, Above Shanker Bhuvan,
Opposite K B Mall, Halar Road,
City: Valsad
Pin Code: 396001
Phone No: 02632-244440
Mobile No: 0946131174
Email Id: [email protected]

Utkarsh Mahila Association in Valsad

Utkarsh Mahila Association, as the name suggests, works for the welfare of women in the interiors of Valsad district. The organization was registered on 13-5-2006. Their registration number is Gujarat/788/Valsad. The chief functionary of this NGO is Vaishali Rajesh Prajapati.

Ukrash Mahila Association provides training in different types of handicrafts such as jardori work, artificial jewelry making, garment making, papad making etc. The NGO has also opened different organizations like Rakhi Udyog and Papad Udyog.

It may interest you known that; the organization put equal stress on personality building. Camps are regularly held to spread awareness among the tribal women. Consequently, their beneficiaries not only become financially independent, but also self sufficient in every respect.

Contact details
Utkarsh Mahila Association
12, Ekveera Complex,
Shanti Bhuvan , M. G.Road
City: Valsad
Pincode: 396 001
Phone No: 02632-243681
Mobile No: 09824186459
Email: [email protected]

Save Mother Indias Little Eyes in Valsad

Save Mother Indias Little Eyes mainly works among the rag pickers of the city. The NGO was registered on 27-04-2007; their registration number being 123-2007-2008. The chief functionary is Gaurav Kumar Kedia.

The main aim of Save Mother Indias Little Eyes is to rehabilitate child rag pickers. They not only provide full school facilities to these underprivileged children, but also work among their mothers so that they can lead a better life. The NGO also distribute medicine free of cost and try to make the community aware about the health hazards faced by them.  In addition, the NGO has undertaken research on establishing a biogas plant in the line of gobar gas.

Contact details
Save Mother Indias Little Eyes
Flat no: 403 Plaza Apartments
Tithal Road
City: Valsad
Pin Code: 396001
Phone No: 2632-227277
Mobile No: 09879110335
Email Id: [email protected]

Valsad Raktadan Kendra in Valsad

Welfare Organization in Valsad

Valsad Raktadan Kendra is the pioneer in voluntary blood bank service in South Gujarat.  This nongovernmental organization deals mainly in blood transfusion and hematological research. The body was registered on 13-12-1983. Its registration number is Gujarat/143/Valsad. The Chief Functionary is Dr. Yazdi Italia.

Contact details
Valsad Raktadan Kendra
RNC Free Eye Hospital Compound
Kacheri Road,
City: Valsad
Pin Code: 396001
Phone No: 02632-242944
Mobile No: 9825158044
Email Id: [email protected]

Other NGOs in Valsad

In addition to above mentioned names, the city has few other nongovernmental organizations that work in various fields. Following is a list of them:

Akhil Foundation
202, Ooja Tithal Road,
City: Valsad
Pin Code: 396001
Phone No: 02632-243474

Bhamitesh Trust
24/B, Darpan Society,
Abrama Road,
Opposite: Police Headquarters
City: Valsad
Pin Code: 396001
Phone No: 2632-224480

Mahalaxmi Mitra Mandal
Opposite Town Hall,
Azad Chowk
City: Valsad
Pin Code: 396001

Sarvangi Vikas Kelvani Mandal
A/16, Vasanji Park,
Dharampur Road, Abrama,
Near Trimurti Temple
City: Valsad
Pin Code: 396002,
Mobile No: 9408333476

Shreeji Ruler And Tribal Research Development Foundation
202, Dhaval Apartment,
Tithal Road, Second Cross Lane,
City: Valsad
Pin No: 396001
Phone No: 2632-252880
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